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Frequently Asked Questions


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1. How much does your service cost ?

Our Service has a base price of $55 per person with a $550 minimum spend. All fees are included EXCEPT gratuity. Suggested gratuity is 20% of total bill. Parties on SATURDAY require a 15 person minimum $825.

2. What food is included?

The base price allows for two protein choices per person. Fried rice, Salad, vegetables (union, zucchini, carrots, broccoli) are included in the base price for everyone. Fried rice contains peas and corn.

3.Do you set up tables and chairs ?

No we do not ! We provide the chef, grill, food, sake and the best part ENTERTAINMENT ! Customers will provide utensils and table set ups.

4.Do you cook inside homes?

We are available outdoor and indoor. Like balconies, terraces, and under awnings.

Or you can set your party up inside, the chef will cook outside ! We are licensed and insured.

5.What time will the chef arrive?

The chef will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to reservation time. Our set up process is seamless and only takes a few minutes.

6.Do you cook with nuts or sesame products?

No , our food does not contain any nuts or sesame products. Please notify the booking agent of any other food allergy a customer may have.

7. DO you cook with gluten free ?

Yes we have serviced many gluten free customers. chef will bring gluten free but you need to provide gluten teriyaki sauce .

8. What if someone does not eat meat?

We can provide tofu to meet Vegetarian and Vegan needs. The price per person does not change.

We will supplement their dishes with additional food such as extra veggies, salad, and fried rice .

9.How can I make a reservation?

All of our bookings are currently done through our website. We require a $1 booking deposit which will be refunded to your payment method after the event.

10.Is there a travel fee?

Yes, we charge a $50 minimum travel fee for all events within NYC Metropolitan area (within 1 hour drive). For drive time that exceeds 1 hour, the fee will be $100. Exceeds 1.5 hours = $150.

11.What is a side order?

Every meal comes with a standard restaurant portion. Side orders are recommended so food never runs out. Especially for those hibachi lovers.

12.What if my guests don’t arrive?

You will still be responsible to pay for the total number of guests shown on the order invoice regardless whether or not your guests arrive to your party because the chef has prepared enough food portions to feed all guests.

12.What is your cancellation policy?

If you do not notify our back office about cancellations 48 hours prior to the event you will be charged 25% of your party’s order invoice.